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Project Update for Members

23 October 2023

The information below was emailed to the Forestville RSL Members.

Dear Forestville RSL Club Members,

Recently, you may have seen a large number of State Government announcements and media attention to do with the need for significantly more housing in NSW and the Sydney basin specifically. The current housing crisis is expected to worsen on the back of elevated levels of immigration in the future.

The regulatory framework governing housing development in NSW is expected to change to meet the predicted housing demands. The timing of these changes may very well assist us in delivering a development of greater scale and density than first anticipated. Exploring all emerging options takes time, unfortunately. This, coupled with the absence of a key contractor involved in the redevelopment process, saw our project ‘stall’ momentarily, but I am pleased to say that the appointed team are now all ‘back on deck’ and forging ahead with the development plans. That said, we have always maintained that we have time on our side in this matter and that we would prefer to make a good decision, rather than a quick decision regarding the way forward.

We expect to have some further news on the Heart of Forestville development pre-Christmas and will continue to use our website as the distribution point for any updates.


Tony Mooney Ian Thomson

President CEO


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6 comentarios

30 oct 2023

I acknowledge my opinion is only one of many regarding the proposed development. I certainly would be willing to accept the decision from the majority of members when it comes to major changes to the club after an informed consultation process and vote at a general meeting.

My concern is that the communication of this proposal is minimal at best. Anyone that is aware of the Lizard Rock proposal would understand that the Northern Beaches Council can meet their LEP housing targets under their current plans.

My understanding of the Clubs Constitution, and the Registered Clubs Act, is that any development, such as the proposed development, needs to abide by the Registered Clubs Act.

Forestville RSL Constitution


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Maria Scott
Maria Scott
28 nov 2023
Contestando a

Hi Rob,

I refer to your post of 15 November, along with your previous post.

Thank you so much for the time you have put into this project.  The information you’ve provided has been of great value to the Board as it moves towards a secure and rewarding future for the Club.

Rest assured, your advice to take a conservative approach to our forecasts is uppermost, as our planning continues to be refined.

Kind regards


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Chris Britton
Chris Britton
28 oct 2023

I moved into the area over two years ago and attend the club with my immediate and extended family at least once a week. I would like to understand more about the actual plans that the team are forging ahead with. Is there a document or page that details the need for the redevelopment (e.g. is Club in financial difficulties or is the building in need of major repair) and provides an overview of what the end deliverable will be (e.g. smaller club, reduction in greens / outdoor area, inclusion of apartments). if there is, please include a link in your reply.

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Maria Scott
Maria Scott
10 nov 2023
Contestando a

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your comment on our page and for your interest in the proposed redevelopment.

With great respect and to answer the queries you raise, can I refer you to the eight (8), separate ‘posts’ that have been published on the website over the past, almost, 13 months. I am sure you will find that the answers to all of questions within those eight “posts”.

In essence, the State Government’s proposed changes to Gaming legislation mean that, for financial stability, NSW licensed clubs have for some years now been leveraging off their land holdings to generate new source/s of revenue. Notwithstanding the fact that our club is ‘late to the party’ in this respect, it…

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