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Project Update for Members

9th June 2023

The information below was emailed to the Forestville RSL Members.

Dear Forestville RSL Club Member,

Thank you for your patience as we work through the numerous planning challenges involved in delivering a new club building and an ‘Over-55’s’ residential complex to the community.

Please be assured that we have not moved away from our original plan of providing a state-of-the-art club, and an independent living unit (ILU) facility to meet the undoubted local demand for this style of accommodation. In fact, the level of interest in the residential component is extremely encouraging with many people wanting to know when they can ‘reserve’ a unit within the development.

The Club’s Redevelopment Sub-Committee has always believed in the value of spending more time at the ‘front-end’ of this project to ensure a workable, sustainable, and profitable outcome for all members. This has involved further detailed discussions with the Architect and Town Planner and visits to other clubs that have undertaken similar developments. To that end, members of the Board and Club Executive will travel to Canberra in mid-June to conduct a review of a club, designed by our architect, which was built four years ago. This visit presents a fantastic opportunity to review, with the benefit of hindsight, any changes to the layout that the club would suggest after trading for a reasonable period of time. On that same day, the group will also visit a Sydney metro club that presents a similar learning experience.

Following more detailed financial modelling, the Club has now met with financiers to begin the all-important ‘funding’ phase for the overall project. Initial discussions are encouraging and are progressing.

What is also heartening is the news coming from the NSW Government regarding the need for more housing in Sydney and their view that it is “better to go up, than out.” This is very encouraging with respect to the potential for greater density (more ILU’s) within our development. We will closely monitor any changes enacted by all levels of government across this space.

If you have any questions in relation to any aspect of our proposed development, please contact us via the website or simply call the club on (02) 9451 1011.


Tony Mooney Ian Thomson

President CEO


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