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Letter to Members

Updated: Jan 31

Tuesday 13th September 2022

On 13 September the letter below was posted and emailed to the members of the Forestville RSL Club.

Dear Forestville RSL Club Member,

On behalf of the Board, we are writing this letter to advise you that we are undertaking preliminary investigations of the Club’s potential redevelopment.

The redevelopment of a relatively large community club like ours can often be a complicated and complex exercise. To assist us, we have appointed project management consultants, Construction Management Services, to commence the process.

The first step in this long journey is the procurement of architectural services to develop concepts and draft plans for consideration by the board. Importantly, we want our 9,500 members to be kept informed from the very beginning during these exciting times for the future of the club.

Whilst we are only just commencing the initial stage of this project the operation of the club remains “business as usual”.

Why the need for change? Put simply the needs of our community are changing:

  • The demographics of the people in our area are continually changing and so are their views regarding the services provided by our club;

  • Social norms have changed, and so too have the tastes of consumers in entertainment, beverages, food and the facilities clubs are expected to provide;

  • It is also true that after 60 years of successful operations our infrastructure is past its prime and is becoming increasingly expensive to maintain;

  • Long term financial viability is increasingly a factor, particularly with the on-going, regulatory challenges with our gaming machine revenue. We need to be less reliant on revenues from this area;

  • It has always been our priority to provide essential support to the sporting, cultural and social groups within our local community, and we want to increase this assistance.

  • Interestingly, other local clubs like Club Willoughby, The Manly Club, Dee Why RSL, Chatswood RSL and Harbord Diggers, have all embarked on similar redevelopments in recent times.

It is important though, as we embark on this journey, that we consider the input and feedback of members. To that end we will be introducing a comprehensive communications program with members throughout the investigation process. A specific website is being set up for members to review information and provide feedback.

Fellow members, there is little doubt that change is necessary if we are to continue to provide not only our current services, but the enhanced services that will safeguard our future.

Further updates to members will be provided over the next few weeks as we progress discussions.

We urge you to join us on this journey to enact change.


Bill Hardman OAM Ian Thomson

President CEO


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